Patrick Hanus

Patrick Hanus is Attractive

Hey There,

Hi I’m Patrick Hanus.

I love good design, learning new programs and figuring out how to make things better. I started a company with my best friend, because I want to help people build better brands.

I like meeting new people and getting things done with others. You can get in touch, shoot the breeze or send me spam at: [email protected]

Places I’ve been in 2019:

Nashville, TN

New York, NY

Kitty Hawk, NC

Cincinnati, OH

Charleston, SC

Washington, DC

Stuff my grandma highly recommends:

Genuine Homemade Blueberry Jam

J.A.G airing weekdays on the Inspire network

L.L.Bean anniversary edition plush winter snow parka (the sky-blue one)

"Smoking is bad for you" - An exhilarating picture book by me

Other things around the web:

Watch videos and animations I've made on Vimeo.

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Take a look at my code projects on Github

See pictures of real life and doodles for Instagram

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