How to Actually Strategize Your Social Media

Content Advisory: Some bad language was used because I have a very limited vocabulary. Please think twice before reading aloud to your children as you drive in the car.


Way too often people just post random crap to Social Media. You might think “Oh this is better than nothing.” But that is a dangerous way to think. It’s like dating a girl for 5 years and everyone warns you about her, but you’re positive “it’s better than nothing.” Well you’re wrong. People lose respect for what you have to offer and stop inviting you to family functions. On the flip side, If you get a reputation for only posting awesome stuff, more people will follow you, share your content, and actually read your stuff.

The goal isn’t just to “have followers” it’s to have a following. Following (n.) People who care about what you say because it helps them get what they need.

Jesus had followers becuase he healed lepersy and cool stuff like that. He gave people what they needed. The same principles apply when writing blog posts. If you’re gonna write something, write something people care about. Hone in on your audience. Don’t try to please everyone. It’s impossible. Just ask my girlfriend’s mom.

Here’s a quick look at how we can build a better system:

Sit down and make a plan.

Don’t panic. No one wants to do this. You’re not alone. Plans take time, and that’s okay. Your followers and your boss will thank you later. Every person is different. Every organization has it’s own vibes. This should be evident on your social media. Find out what makes you different! What you need to do is find out who your audience is, what they want and how you can give it to them in a format they understand and love. Do they want to see a beautiful office space or a colorful report with the biggest real estate deals in your area? This plan should evolve as your following evolves.

Social Media Master Plan


Inside Events

People want to peer into your life or the life of your company. What is going on? Any cool team-building events coming up in the future? A big benefit dinner? A group trip to a Dave Matthews concert?

Be awesome and people will respond

Answer questions, solve problems and give people what they want.

2. Use something cool like Buffer or Hootsuite.

I am personally a fan of buffer, I like the format, the organization system and how it lets me do what I want. You don’t necessarily need a social media manager like this, but I really believe it’s worth it. It lets you schedule post ahead of time and focus on creating and finding good content rather than trying to remember to schedule things at the right times and whatnot. The analytics tools let you find out what your followers respond to, which is great reference as you evolve your master plan. Buffer has a free plan that works well, especially if you want to ease your way into things.

3. Make a list of things you can offer and share.

Be sure to have things that you can post on a weekly or daily basis as they happen, such as changes in Federal interest rates. (Super boring, but your followers might really dig that kind of stuff.) You also want to have ideas for posts that you can plan and schedule ahead of time, like Christmas or Veteran’s Day. Do you have a blog? Ideally you want to be sharing things YOU create. Not just sharing all the time. Sharing isn’t always caring. This isn’t a Coke commercial.

Here are some started ideas:

-Post list: Pull out microsoft word (or euivalent) and write 10-15 actual posts. Feel free to experiment with the tone and style of your posts. Think about what you’re giving away, or sharing and write something you could actually copy and paste into twitter. This is a huge help and helps boost your confidence in the type of things you can put into your queue. This also helps you find actual articl;es and resources you can share in the context of a social media post. Here are some examples:

So what about promoted advertisements?

Promoted is still only worth it if people see value. You want to seduce them into following you. So they go to your profile, are they going to see a stream of awesome content? Or just a slew of shared articles from who knows where? You don’t want to drive your traffic off a cliff. You also want to show that the money is making a return, so whether thats getting clicks, getting impressions or getting acual purchases, you should go in with a gameplan.

What you need to do is come up with a plan. Posting haphazardly is just going to get you in trouble. And we ain’t going back to prison.

The truth is that everyone wants the easy way out. We want to share someone else’s stuff and pretend like we are contributing to society. But this is important: Sharing just anything doesn’t do anyone any good. People should follow you because you are providing value and helping them get a little bit closer to what they want. This isn’t about you.

That all being said, keep up the good work. The truth is social media takes work. It’s not easy. It’s especially hard when people assume you have a super easy job, because your on Facebook all day. Thanks for taking the time to read all this.

Do you have cool ideas for “providing value” to followers? Anything I missed? Am I completely wrong in everything I believe in? Am I living in a complete fantasy? Do you love Dave Matthews?

Comment with your thoughts!

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