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I was born in NY, but I’ve lived in 6 different states and counting. I’m currently working full time for Skymouse Studios, a studio I co-founded with John Welch. I head up the creative team to help our clients build their audience and get more traffic. If I need to stop staring at the computer, I love playing indoor soccer, drawing charicatures, and drinking great coffee or a cold Guinness with friends.

Teams I’ve Worked With:

Co-founder | Skymouse Studios, LLC

Co-founded Skymouse Studios with John Welch to help build brands people love. Ranging from websites selling custom-made-hats-for-cats to videos about how your company got started in a garage on the side of the road, we want to help you tell your story.

Marketing Engineer | RESOURCE, LLC

I work closely with the marketing team and company leadership to develop the RESOURCE brand, specifically related to the company website. I also wrangle social media presence, web projects, and video production.

Graphic Designer | Pittsburgh, PA

Works various paid jobs ranging from engagement photos, to shooting video for a NY-based production company. Freelancing has also provided the opportunity to learn client relations, financial management and scheduling.

Motion Designer / Video Editor | Franciscan University

Filmed events and presentations on campus for the University’s Marketing and Communications department.


Franciscan University of Steubenville; Steubenville, OH -Communication Arts Degree, Minor in Marketing, Class of 2015

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